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Trey Gowdy Just DEMOLISHED Adam Schiff For Spreading Lies! – His Time Is OVER!

The disastrous lies that liberals have spread about a non-existent Russian collusion by the President have come to an end. Trey Gowdy decided it is enough and called them out proving them wrong all the way.

Apparently, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo invited Gowdy for an interview today where Trey absolutely demolished the liberals calling out Adam Schiff.

“Some of my Democratic colleagues, namely Adam Schiff, said he had evidence, more than circumstantial evidence of collusion before the investigation even began,” – He said.

“Almost 60 Democrats voted to move forward with impeachment. Already. Before Bob Mueller’s released a single finding. Before the House Intelligence or Senate Intelligence Committees have released a single, solitary finding, almost 60 House Democrats think the president ought to be removed from office,” – Gowdy added, bringing up the hard truth they’ve been running from.

“That is infuriating,” said Bartiromo in return. “Well, it’s only infuriating if you have high expectations,” replied Gowdy.

“[Congress] is not where serious investigations take place. It is where Senate campaigns in California take place, but it’s not where serious investigations take place,” -he then continued to elaborate.
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It’s no secret that the liberals are losing their previous credibility, even though this is not a phenomenon, but a routine that dates more than a decade. Their last-years claim that Trump has somehow colluded with Russia is beyond normal and made them swallow their words.

On the other side, one of their members released a book, as we all already know, “Fire and Fury” in which he claims that Trump never even wished to become a President.

Well, this is enough, we cannot take it anymore. Before criticizing the White House and the President for absolutely no reason, the liberals should take a moment and look in the mirror, because that is where their problems emerge from, themselves.

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