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WATCH: HILLARY READS From Fake “Fire and Fury” Book At Grammys…Gets DESTROYED on Twitter

The Left LOVED it when the two-time loser presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, made a cameo appearance on the Grammys tonight, to read from a book. No, it wasn’t Hillary’s most recent “What Happened” book, aka, “Why it was everyone’s fault but mine, that I lost the election to Trump” book, that Hillary was seen hawking in the frozen food section of Costco.  It was the discredited “Fire and Fury” book (even the author Michael Wolff claims he can’t verify many of the salacious claims he makes in the book).

In the clip below, “singer” Cardi B reads about Trump eating a cheeseburger in bed, then asks”Is this how he lives his life?” Yeah, Cardi B. everyday Americans really eat cheeseburgers, some even eat them in bed.

Hillary reads: “He had a longtime fear of being poisoned, one reason why he liked to eat at McDonald’s. No one knew he was coming, and the food was safely pre-made.”



Here are some of the hilarious responses on Twitter:



NY Patriot tweeted:

“Hillary and other sellout shills reading the discredited fiction #FireAndFury at the #GRAMMYS shows how pathetic and butthurt over the election these entitled shitlibs still are.”

“Soon Hillary will have all the time in the world for reading. #Gitmo”


From “Only The Truth”: “It wouldn’t be a real award show for Hollywood rapists and faux feminists if you didn’t have “The Enabler” Hillary Clinton make an appearance.”

“Good job guys.”



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