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Trump Hoped for Elites’ Approval with Democrat Debt Deal — and They’re Giving It, for Now

President Trump’s decision to cuddle up with Democrat leaders to make a deal on the debt ceiling Wednesday was reportedly made because of Trump’s desire to be loved — after he came to the conclusion that “people really fucking hate me.” Axios reports that Trump, who has spent much of his life …

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Clinton: I am done with being a candidate

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in an interview broadcast Sunday that while she is “done” being a candidate, she is not leaving politics. “Is your political career over?” Jane Pauley asked Clinton on “CBS Sunday Morning.” “Yes,” Clinton responded. “As an active politician, it’s over. “I am done with being a …

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Bill Maher: ‘Unfair’ for states like Texas to request federal aid after Harvey

HBO host Bill Maher complained that it “seems a little unfair” for residents of conservative states like Texas to rely on federal assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. “These places that got flooded, like Texas, okay, they have a low tax base,” Maher said on his show “Real Time” …

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Betsy DeVos Stands Up for Due Process Rights in Campus Sexual Assault Cases

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced in a speech Thursday that she will roll back an Obama-era “guidance” document that drove colleges to implement Star Chamber-like tribunals to mishandle sexual assault cases. The guidance forced colleges to weaken already minimal due process protections for those accused of rape and sexual assault, and threatened …

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Trump Is Right. ‘Our Tax Code Is a Giant, Self-Inflicted Economic Wound.’

In his second speech in two weeks on the need for tax reform, President Donald Trump again made a strong case, explaining that “our tax code is a giant, self-inflicted economic wound.” This time speaking in North Dakota, the president reiterated his four key goals for updating the broken U.S. …

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Maxine Waters reveals who she believes is trying to KILL her

Maxine Waters may have additional incentive in wanting to stop terrorism. According to the California congresswoman, she’s the target of it. As reported by PJMedia.com: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Wednesday asked terror experts for answers on how to combat the rise of white nationalists, as she has been fielding death threats …

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Trump cabinet seen in prayer prior to the start of the Hurricane Irma meeting

As we all know, Hurricane Irma took a turn for Florida over the course of this weekend, once again sending the nation into a state of emergency and rising it to its feet, helping in any way to the residents who for some reason couldn’t or didn’t evacuate. The POTUS …

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PERFECT FIT? CNN Just Hired Famous Reporter, WATCH Him CRY in White Press Conference!

Does this guy look familiar to you?  No?  Picture him with gum hanging out of his mouth, whining and crying like a baby.  Picture him doing it in the White House Press Room. Yes, that’s him.  It’s Playboy White House correspondent, Brian J. Karem.  J. for Jagoff.  He’s the same …

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One Year Ago Hillary Started a MOVEMENT! Watch Her Call Trump Supporters Every Ugly Name IMAGINABLE!

One year ago today, August 10,2016, Crooked Hillary Clinton walked on stage and proceeded to call Donald J. Trump supporters every ugly, nasty name in the book. Little did she know that her ugly little speech would unite Trump supporters like never before and ignite a fire for the The Trump …

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